mein profil.. my profile.. profilQ ^.^v

Hi.. Hallo.. Howdy everyone!! ^_^*

my name is dyah viona astika. people usually just call me dyah.

but my best friends always call me krummy. why do they do that? hmmm… well, there’s a special private reason behind it ;P

i am 18 years old girl, i was born in malang at december 30th 1992.

i don’t have any sibling. no brother nor sister. but that’s ok, i never fell lonely because i have my best friends around me. and i treat them just like my sisters and brothers.

enjoyin sunset w/ ma sistas ;D

there is a thing i am addicted to: music. i do love to sing  :’) ❤

music is my drug. though i’m not able to make music through my hands, but i can enjoy that music as well. also i can sing those melodies with my voice. to sing it is like breathing ❤

that’s my addiction. so what is yours? ;D

another thing about me, i really love the colors grey and black ^_^*


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